Its here: Nokia 6085 vs iPhone 5 Comparo



Well, the new iPhone finally came last week while I was in PA. After living with it for a week, I thought I would compare it to its predecessor, the Nokia 6085, to see if the upgrade wad truly worth it. The lighter, smaller Nokia certainlly has its selling points, including the very cool clamshell Scandinavian design.

Having the tactile sensation of buttons as well compared to the hunt and peck keyboard on the iphone is certainly an advantage for the Swedish handset maker. Additionally, the way the Nokia limits the amount of enmail you receive by focusing on Yahoo and AOL mail makes more a more efficient use of your day!

The last major advantage for Nokia was the cost; truly a "get what you pay for phone." I scored mine for $5 + $15 for a charger. This allowed me to get through an email-free two weeks and get into the so-called "upgrade" Apple product for a mere $65 thanks to Amazon trade-in. The tale of the tape is below!!



Nokia 6085

Iphone 5


1 in frosted glass, 640×480 resolution

4in IPS, 1,136 x 640 resolution

Pixel density

114 ppi

326 ppi


What? (4mb)

1 gb



Apple A6, Dual-core 1.2 GHz


92 x 46 x 23 mm

123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm


84 g

112 g


Standby 240, talk 5 hr

Standby 225, talk 8 hr



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One Response to Its here: Nokia 6085 vs iPhone 5 Comparo

  1. Andrea McGonigle says:

    When the windows 8 phone comes out will you do the same comparision :)

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