Remembrances of 2011

The year draws to a close and it has been a successful and tumultuous one for Lisa and I.

It started in January with a third house hunting trip to Greenville and ends as I sit in my recliner in Greer reminiscing about all the change 2011 has brought.

from Front Gate

our new home

We purchased our new home on January 27th, thanks to Lisa DeLuca Alexander of Delco Realty, our local buyers agent here. It was a contingent purchase as we had to sell our home of 17 years in Doylestown, PA.

We flew home and had the house on the market within a week, though we hadn’t planned to list that early. The first week we had a horrendous ice storm and had some fairly major tree damage, but we persevered and had Keystone Tree Experts there within in a day (thanks Bob M)!

We had the house under agreement before Memorial Day but lost the buyer due to unreasonable demands after the home inspection. We had a second buyer under contract within 2 days after losing the first and this one stuck.

We had some wrangling with our seller here on the settlement date but finally settled on August 10 in PA and Aug 11 here. We used a mover and an auto transport company, with Lisa driving the 4 cats and me the wine collection.

Moody’s Movers

the wine transport vehicle

arrival of the bug a week after we moved in

We are loving the Greenville area, especially the mild winter thus far. Friendships are developing slower than anticipated but after a lifetime in the same place, we need to be patient.

Lisa had her knee replaced in late October at beautiful Patewood Hospital and is recovering nicely!

Now our last order of business is selling the lot we originally intended on building on at Cherokee Valley. We just relisted with Tammy Cooke of Allen Tate, who has been a resident there for many years. We’ve discounted the price to a point where we hope it will sell. View of Glassy Mountain is shown below.

Lot 109 facing Northeast

So my only New Years Resolution I made was to try to satisfy the urge to write by updating this more often! Happy New Year all!

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3 Responses to Remembrances of 2011

  1. Lisa Tornabene says:

    Thanks for the great post to catch us all up on your 2011! It’s great to hear that you and Lisa are enjoying your new home and community!

    As always, I wish you both all the best!

  2. Ann says:

    Great post and photos Barry.

  3. Kymm & Dave ;) says:

    Barry it was so GREAT to hear from you!! Your home is gorgeous. So glad to hear Lisa is recovering well & that the wine & kitties made it there safely. Love to hear about cycling, golf etc. Hugs from chilly PA, Kymm & Dave

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